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COVID-19 Relief Fund

Jun. 2, 2020

In these extraordinary and uncertain times, more than a few of our NAHU members and colleagues have endured and continue to endure emotional and financial hardship. Job loss, income loss, medical expenses, and uncertainty as to an economic future are all current dilemmas facing more than a few in our Association. Many will not recover at all, for some it will take time, work and schooling take on new obstacles. These times are stressful for all of us. As leaders, members and compassionate people of NAHU, we can make a valiant effort to offer them help and assistance knowing that better days are to come.
The COVID-19 Relief Fund was recently created with its mission being the ability to provide financial support to members and their families who have been adversely impacted by this pandemic. 


Need Assistance - In an effort to determine who needs immediate support, we are reaching out to you, as chapter leaders, friends and/or neighbors of some members out there who may have experienced a financial hardship. Many of them may not realize or are unaware that this fund exists to help them. The financial assistance available could lend some immediate relief in a handful of financial areas. We ask that you spread the word to all of your members that there is help for them. They can apply for themselves or they can apply for assistance on behalf of someone else. The application to apply for assistance can be found here. Applications will be kept strictly confidential.


Plea to Donate - As we've seen in the past through NAHU's UNITE program, we are a very charitable organization that doesn't hesitate to rush to the aid of one of our own in truly devastating and traumatic times. We respectfully ask, if you are in a position to make a contribution, to help support your fellow NAHU members by donating here. These contributions are tax-deductible. 


We are truly concerned for the well-being of our members so if you find yourself or someone else needing assistance, please ask!


Thank you for your kind consideration.


Ashley Kapostins 
Chair, NAHU COVID-19 Relief Program Task Force

Patricia Griffey 
NAHU President

Janet Trautwein