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Health Care Reform

Here is an interactive timeline which gives you the ability to see the general provisions of the new health care reform regulations and the date that the regulations take effect. You can click on any of the general provisions and you will be taken to a link that will give you more detailed information about that specific provision. When you are done reading the provision, there is a link at the bottom of each page to take you back to the timeline. This timeline was developed by UNICO Group and based on documents prepared by the National Association of Health Underwriters.
Healthcare Reform Interactive Timeline (Created by UNICO Group)
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2012 NAHU Capitol Conference

The 2012 Capitol Conference was held January 22-25 in Washington, DC

  • Nebraska delegation included 17 members; one of the largest groups ever!
  • We were there at the time the President delivered The State of the Union Address.
  • Exceptional weather during the Conference allowed us to enjoy our walks to Senate and House meetings.
  • We were in Sen. Nelson's conference room when he agreed to co-sponsor a senate companion bill to H.R. 1206.
  • Our 17 members were invited to a fabulous after hours party sponsored by Jim Summers and Senior Market Sales!
  • The meeting concluded with a visit and speech by Speaker of the House John Boehner. In all, 800 attended this year's meeting with over 100 of them attending their first conference. Please join us at next year's Cap Conference in February 2013.





Health Underwriters Political Action Committee (HUPAC)

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